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Video-installation SEA BIRD II CCTV in CARRILLO GIL Museum of Art 

Two TV screens of different sizes, showing images captured by closed-circuit cameras, are placed perpendicularly next to the sculpture. The cameras “are seeing” the sculpture from behind and are projecting its parts rearranging the image including its observers. The installation confronts the tridimensional images with its virtual projections. 

Technique: Two projections of the views from two the CCTV cámaras in the TV screens of 22 and 43 inches in día., placed  perpendicularly on the side of the sculpture Sea Bird II made of oxidized steel and cast iron.

Aproximate dimensions pf the piece: 200 cm x 400 cm x 300 cm

Video-installation Sea Bird II CCTV was presented in the one-man show Haystack in the CARILLO GIL Museum of Art, Mexico City, 2017-2018.

This work was produced with help of National Fund for Culture and Arts of Mexico - 2015.

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