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Born in Gdynia, Poland. Since 1983 lives in México.


He is a visual artist working in video and sculpture installations.

Among his thirteen one-man shows stand out:

- Haystack, (CARRILLO GIL Museum of Art, Mexico City, 2017-2018);

- Convalescence of time, (Spiz7 Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland. 2013);

- Translations of the Instants,  (Contemporary Cell Gallery, University of Cloister of Sor Juana, Mexico City, 2007);

- Nahuales´ White Memory, (CHOPO Museum of Contemporary Art, Mexico City, 2002).


He has participated in more then seventy collective shows. The more important are:


- SPIN_VIDEO - mexican art of video, (Double Room Gallery, Trieste, Italy, 2014);

- Altered Frame, (Nuble Gallery, Santander, Spain, 2010);

- Explorer, (ŁAZNIA Contemporary Art Center, Gdansk, Poland, 2009);

- Mexican Report, itinerary show of contemporary Mexican art (United States, 2004-2005);

- Twelve Sculptors of the End of Millennium in Mexico, (Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, 1994).


He won several grants for art production. Among others:


- Grant of the Mexican National System for the Arts (2015-2018);

- Grant for the Art Publication ( México, 2011) which resulted in the edition of his book

  Videoinstalacion como caja de resonancia (Video-installation as a Sound Box), Juan Pablos Editor, México, 2012;

- Grant of the Mexican National System for the Arts (2005-2008);

- Award for the Best Multidisciplinary Project (National Center for the Arts, Mexico City, 2001).


He has Phd in Art Investigation and Production (2017) from Fine Art Department of Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.

Since year 2000 he is a Professor in the Art Department of Morelos State University, in Mexico.


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