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DOG, 2006

The installation Dog brings face to face the virtual image of the video-projection of the living dog with its sculptural image, its projection on TV screen and the reflections of both in the mirror. The piece shows different times too: the present time of a sculpture and its mirror image, the past presence of the real dog and of the sculpture on the beach and its mirror image. The images make numerous rebounds similar to the behavior of sound in the limited space. The immateriality of the screens is confronted with the matter of sculpture and the materialityof the mirror with the immateriality of its reflections. The loops of these rebounds are emphasized by repetitive sound and the image of the sea waves.


The video-installation Dog was presented the collective show Bodies, Absences and Presences,

(Tower Gallery, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2006) and in the one-man show Transfer of the Instants,

(Contemporary Cell Mexico City, 2007). 

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