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The installation consists of two sculptures and two projections of the silent video-animations. The sculptures have the same form and are both 150 cm high but are made from different materials: one from oxidized steel plate and other from oxidized steel mesh. The size of the sculptures are similar to those of the images, on the screens. In the projections we see, most of the time, still images of sculptures, captured in site of their exhibition. Every 30 seconds the sequence of animation shows the sculpture in a miror that breaks in pieces and behind it appears the image of the other figure. The images of the sculptures exchange sites between screens one time after the other. The installation can be perceived as a slow dance of the virtual projections around theirs models, material images. 


The installation By Virtue of the Present was a winner of the Competition for the Best Interdisciplinary Project (National Center for the Arts, Mexico City, 2001) and was shown in the same location in the Festival MIRARTE. The work was exhibited again in one-man shows: (CHOPO Contemporary Art Museum, Mexico City, 2002) and  (Sculpture Garden, Xalapa, Mexico, 2003).  


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