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 HAY 1, 2016

The video-sculpture Hay 1 is made of three videos projected simultaneously in three TV screens integrated into a structure made of packs of hay. In the videos with no sound, of still shots, one can see haystacks moved by the wind.The illumination in the videos moves too, being sun overshadowed by the moving clouds.This vide-sculpture confronts the artifice of projections with the real presence of the pressed hay. The last one, being machine processed, is opposed to the manual elaboration of sheaves and their free movements on the wind. The packs of hay can work too as a metaphor for pixels, units of digital images, of resolution always limited in comparison to reality.


Technique: three videos in loops, stored in the USB-s, iprojected simultaneously in three TV screens of 22 inch. of dia. each, placed in the structure made of 18 packs of hay.

Apoximate dimensions of the piece:  135 cm x 345 cm x 105 cm. 

Video-sculpture Hay 1 was presented in the one-man show Haystack in the CARILLO GIL Museum of Art, Mexico City, 2017-2018.

This work was produced with help of National Fund for Culture and Arts of Mexico - 2015.

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