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This is two channels video-sculpture. In two TV screens of diferrent dimensions, video shows two fishing boats which lie in the sunny beach. Its moorings are directed towards the cámara. The only movements one can see in the still frame are: of the waves behind the boats and of the moorings in front. The video in one of the screens is transformed with the mirror effect so they appear to reflect each other. This and the packs of hay, where screens are placed, reinforce the perception od artificiality of the projections, the contrast between the actual of the hay and the virtuality of the projections, as well as an artificial links between both images - the moorings.   


Tecnique: Two simultaneus projections of videos in loops: one in TV screen of 43 inch. and the other of 22 inch., placed perpendicularily, among packs of the hay.

Apox. dimensions of the work: 50 cm x 150 cm x 105 cm.

Video-sculpture Moorings was presented in the one man show Haystack in the CARILLO GIL Museum of Art, Mexico City, 2017-2018.

This work was produced with help of National Fund for Culture and Arts of Mexico - 2015.

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