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SUN BIRD, 2017

The video projected on a TV screen, placed horizontally on the floor and surrounded by packs of hay, shows a sequence of fixed shots where the sun sparkles bouncing off the waves on the beach and is projected on the surface of a fisher’s boat. This glints and reflections create a rhythmic flow inside the tunnel of shadows formed by the boats. Even though the loop seems to have no end, it only appears so: the nature of the waves, the shape of the boats and the sunshine form a spatial-temporal constellation that hardly repeats itself. It is a passing bird, a fragile temporal object that can disappear at any moment, in a blink. It is an instant of solar time that was created by the local circumstances. The piece has an ambient sound.

Technique: One video-projection of video in loop, in the screen placed horizontally on the floor, surrounded by the packs of hay. 

Aproximate dimensions of the piece: 50 cm x 150 cm x 150 cm.

Video-sculpture Sun Bird was presented in the one-man show Haystack in the CARILLO GIL Museum of Art,

Mexico City, 2017-2018.

This work was produced with help of National Fund for Culture and Arts of Mexico - 2015.

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