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HAY 3, 2019

The video-sculpture Hay 3 in its version for the Center of Sciences of Complexity C-3, of National Autonomous University of Mexico, is composed of a video projection with no sound, in vertical format, approximately 120 cm high, of sheaves ruffled by the wind. The video has three sequences of images of the same sheaf swaying. On the first image we see the sheaf in full, on the second there’s the same image repeated in four frames and the third one is unfolded in sixteen. The piece confronts the virtual images of the sheaves moved by the wind with real packs of hay what can work as an allegory for pixels, digital units of the image that always fall short in resolution when compared to reality.

Technique: Video in loop, stored in the USB memory, projected in the TV screen among the structure made of 5 packs of hay.

Apoximate dimensions of the piece:  150 cm x 180 cm x 80 cm. 

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