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LINE, 2006


Video-sculpture LINE consists of three simultaneous videos in loop, reproduced in three TV screens, placed perpendiculary. On one of the screens we see the video recorded trough the window of an airplane in motion, transformed by the mirror effect. In another we present the text printed on the wing, of the same plane; on the third, the image of the second one, transformed by the mirror effect. 


The enclosed and limited space of the airplane contrasts with the enormous space outside its windows. The last one, in its inaccessability, is similar to virtual space of the proyected image. 

The wing of the plane takes the role of an extension of the passanger´s body. He looks at it in a similar way when he intorragates his identity looking at his arm. The text, printed on the wing, warns us about the danger of crossing the line which limits some area. This text in movement aquires alegorical meaning. Jean Baudrillard in his book The Pact of the Lucidity finds the lack of imagination as a one of the most significant features of our time. We circulate between virtual and inaccessible spaces as in a dream. We are not awere of crossing this line, line in constant movement, unfolded into a mirage. Behind this line we fall into the limbo without imagination.          


The video-object LINE was presented in the exposition Bodies, Absences and Appearences (Tower Gallery, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2006).

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