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OK-NA, 2012

In the initial phase of the installation OK-NA we are in the presence of nine projections of still images of different windows, of the same size, distributed on the four walls of the room. All of a sudden and without sound, one of them opens and then closes slowly, while the others remain closed. Then, the following windows enters into action. There is no prestablished order of this openings and closings and we do not know beforehand from which side of the installation the new movment will come.


The windows have joined this collection just like the faces of diferent persons enter and remain in our live: being of our family, by accident, by affection, by sharing specific time and space, etc. The observer of the installation perceives not only the stilistic diferences among the windows but the different rythms of theirs movements. The installation induces to look for the a poetic meaning in our everyday surroundings. 


All the projections are of the same size: 180 cm x 240 cm aproximately.





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