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The concept of the fragile and the analysis of the space of the exhibition hall of La Gallera, in Valencia, Spain where the main elements leading to create this installation. The space has a circular floor of 10,5 m of diameter and is 14m high, and has passageways with handrail which run around the circular wall. The installation integrates six silent, simultaneous video-projections on tree levels of the hall: 


- On the first floor:  the silent videos, of plants beeing cut with a power saw, are projected on two semi-transparent screens, which cross in the center. (this part was produced before as a standalone installation - see: installation Clearance, 2009).   


- On the second floor: in the passageway with handrail, there are three videos of a spiderweb swinging in the wind, projected on simi-transparent irregular rags.  


- On the ceiling:  a circular video-projection, 6 m of diameter, of the newly born cats.


The projections of spiderweb, the movements of the blind cats and the falling plants under the power saw produces a constallation of the fragile.

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