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The installation BIKE'S CORRIDOR  consists of three simultaneous video-projections: two on the parallel screens and a third one on the ground between. The videos show the three aspects of the same routine trip between the autor’s place of residence and Politecnic University of Valencia, Spain.  When the bicycle slows down, the three projections get wider, maintaining its hights, and when the action of pedalling resumes they get narrower.


When on a bicycle as in the car or airplane we are encapsulated by the routine of a trip; we perceive only the points of departure and destination and the space we are crossing in between resembles the corridor  with the only function of leading us towards destination. The installation creates a limited space in constant movment where the views of the streets and ambient sounds, which we are crossing, are superimposed. The piece intends to induce its viewer to asociate the sensations of narrow gaze with the travel´s high speed and the broader one with  lower velocity and pause. 



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