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EASO II, 2013

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The installation consists of two silent, simultaneous video-projections on two perpendicular planes. In the right projection we see the row of closed beach umbrellas, agitated by the wind, with well pronouced one vanishing point perspective. In the left projection we have the same row of umbrellas, transformed by the mirror effect, creating two vanishing points perspective. The three vanishing points of two projections are confronted with a real space of the corner between two screens. This set of umbrellas in the wind can be asociated with a polifónic musical form called fuge, consisting of a main theme and its variations. The movements of umbrellas can be perceived as well as a dance of an odd ritual. 


The installation EASO II was presented in november of 2013, during the Festival NARRATIONS 5, of the artistic interventions in the City of Gdansk, Poland. 

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