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The work consists of the silent video-projection on the TV screen placed horizontally in an oval mirror frame surrounded by white casablanca lilies. In the video we see the same flowers beeing crushed by the wooden rollers. The flowers, are periodically reborn from the rollers and are crushed afterwords. The piece was originally conceived for the site of Contemporary Cell in Mexico City. This is an exhibition area of contemprary art which accommodates the remainders of the cells of a nun´s convent where, in the Baroque, period, Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz lived. The video-object Flores Arrodilladas was conceived as a homage to this famous Mexican writer. 


The work was presented in the one-man show Transfer of the Instants (Contemporary Cell, Mexico City, 2007) and in the show Altered Frame, in the (Nuble Gallery, Santander, Spain, 2010).


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