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Video-installation Liquid Underground consists of three silent, simultaneous projections in black and white: two on parallel screens and one on the ground between them. The first two show people ascending and descending the stairs in and out of the subway station. In the videos from time to time appears Latinoamerican Tower, iconic modernist buliding from the center of Mexico City. The frames of the videos are marked by strong contrasts: semi-darkness of the entrance and sun outside.These contrasts as well as the confrontation of the positive and negative modes of videos and proyection on the ground of the swaying, liquid surface are means to transform the daily routine of Mexico City into an alegory of the historical heterotopia of the place: Gran Tenochtitlan, enormous city of canals and piramids, established in the center of the lake.


Work was presented in june 2014, in a collective show Univer(city) of art (Spiż7 Gallery, Gdañsk, Poland).



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