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This silent installation brings face to face the virtual space of the video with the real space of its projection. The video was recorded with a camara turned 90 degree and the video-prjector is turned this way too. This allows to extend the image between the wall and floor of the hall. In the installation, the front plane of the bridge coincides with a wall and the horizontal plane of the surface of the water, which flows bellow, with the floor. The moving shadows of the persons crossing the bridge creats echos of their presence.The proyecction produces the shadow of a real chair; the light that comes from the projector simulates a sunlight. The tangible chair and the overturn one are united by a projected moving water what creates a visual loop. The installation suggests the inestability of our gazes spread out between the real and virtual spaces.


The installation WHITE CHAIR was presented in various exhibitions: Membranes (Mexico, 2009),

Altered Frame (Spain, 2010) and in one-man show Convalescence of Time (Poland, 2013). 



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