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The installation consists of two simultaneous, silent video-projections, of diferrent seizes, placed in an irregular frame covered by old, oxidated sheets of corrugated steel. In the video of minor seize we see an empty compartment of the train in motion. This screen is set at an angle towards the mayor image which shows a cottage made of waste steel sheets in the outskirts of Oaxaca, Mexico. The main window has the function of a chimney: takes smoke out of a kitchen. From this aperture, Uriel a nine years old boy watches de outside world in beetween the meals. In a nice house infront lives a famous musician who travells around the world. The boy likes to listen to the stories told by his neighbor about his voyages. The video-projection of a static humble cottage with smoky window enters in an odd dialogue with a view from the train car in motion: ¿ Is it an ecounter of the youthful dreams and the mechanical, mature gaze ? 


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