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YACHT, 2007

The installation consists in three simultaneus video-projections on the screens attached to one corner with the sound produced by the anchored yacht. In the vertical projections we see clauds in motion, framed by a hatchway of the yacht and on the floor a swinging water surface. When looking at the left screen we have a sensation of stability of our point of view similar to one of looking at clauds through the window of a house. The trees entering, from time to time, into the right picture, make us feel that our frame of reference, the boat and its hatchway, is spinning. The rhythmic noises of the yacht establish themself as a more stable perceptive frame of reference than the incoherent, as a whole, visual image.  


The video-installation Yacht was presented in a one-man show Transfer of the Instants (Contemporary Cell, México City, 2007).

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